Year &
Conference Number
City &
State or
Dates Venue Theme Convenor/
Conference Committee & Task Jacinth Oliver
Memorial Address
(from 1990)
(from 1995)
Young Composer
(from 1995)
Young Composers'
(from 1995)
Professional Conference Organiser
(from 1995)
1969/I Brisbane, Queensland 17 - 21 August 1969 The University of Queensland Music In General Education Nol Nickson (Chair) William Geen (Conference Secretary)
Gordon Sperritt (Accommodation Officer)
John Broughton (Trade & Publicity Officer)
1971/II Adelaide, South Australia 9 - 15 May 1971 The University of Adelaide New Perspectives in
Music Education
Patricia Holmes (Chair) Sr. Alphonsus Horgan O.P.
Jill Thiem
Colin Curtis
Alan Farwell
Malcolm John
Len Porter
David Reid
1977/III Canberra, ACT 8 - 13 May 1977 The School of Music, Canberra Music Education in
the Community
1981/IV Melbourne, Victoria The University High School Growing with Music Barbara van Ernst
Noela Hogg
Ian W. McKinley (Proceedings)
1984/V Sydney, NSW 9 - 13 January 1984 University of Sydney The Future of Music
Education in Australia
Deanna Hoermann
1986/VI Adelaide, South Australia 15 - 19 May 1986 The University of Adelaide Australia Makes Music:
Action for a Changing
Warren Bourne Leonie Pech
Jennifer Rosevear
1990/VII Alice Springs, NT 1 - 4 July 1990 Araluen Centre Let's Get to the Heart
of the Nation
Bob Smith Kerry J. Kennedy
1991/VIII Melbourne, Victoria 10 - 14 July 1991 The University of Melbourne Reaching In - Reaching Out Kipps Horn Paddy Broberg (Publicity)
Cheryl Davenport (Transport)
Jill Ferris (Accommodation)
Andrew Morrish (Conference Dinner)
Colin Taylor (Administrative Officer)
David Aspin
1993/IX Perth, WA 7 - 11 July 1993 University of
Western Australia
Music on the Edge -
Desert to Surf
Kent Logie Kent Logie (Finance, Papers, Workshops, Proceedings & Program)
Janelle Dawson (Executive Officer, Accommodation, Catering, Banking, Performances & Trade Displays)
Judy Thnell (Minutes Secretary)
Jane Grant (Action Secretary, Conference Desk & Proceedings)
Barry Palmer (Advisor, Papers & Workshops)
Mary-Jane Whitehead (Conference Desk, Papers & Workshops)
Sue Palmer (Conference Desk)
Russel Riley (Equipment)
Dean Barradel (Equipment)
Phil Arnold (Publicity)
Lina Machuissi (Tours)
Olive McMahon
1995/X Hobart, Tasmania 29 June - 2 July 1995 Wrest Point
Convention Centre
Honing the Craft -
Improving the Quality of
Music Education
Margaret Barrett
Helen Lee
Margarett Barrett (Keynote Speakers & Proceedings)
Gary McPherson (Student Composers & Commissioned Work)
Paul Radford (Concert Co-ordinator)
Maurice Ducker (Treasurer)
Alan Lawson (Audio Visuals)
Lyn Evans
Yvonne Giltinan
Chris Gora
Karlin Love
Wendy Spencer
Doreen Bridges Elena Kats-Chernin
Tasmanian Symphony
Orchestra (Friday 30 June 1995)

DAT Tape of Concert – ABC
Copies to Chapters

Leah Curtis, Overture to Hero and Claudio (Orchestra) [Australian Capital Territory]
Monica Grosman,
Somnolence (Orchestra) [New South Wales]
Paul Wang,
Composition for String Orchestra [New South Wales]
Andrew Helberg,
Februar Sonate (Flute and Piano) [Northern Territory]
Bryce Gilhome,
Thoughts (Choir and Orchestra) [Queensland]
Ange Zucco,
Envy (Orchestra) [South Australia]
Simon Reade,
Elegy (Clarinet and Piano) [Tasmania]
Amy Bennett,
Tarantella and Siciliano (Piano Trio) [Victoria]
Stuart George James,
Composition for Orchestra and Solo Trumpet [Western Australia]
Lauren Armishaw,
Faraway (SATB Choir) [New Zealand]
Conference Design
1997/XI Brisbane, Queensland 4 - 8 July 1997 The University of Queensland New Sounds for a
New Century
Guy E. Jansen Guy E. Jansen (Schedule, Presentations, Keynote Speakers, Pre-Conference Workshops & Program)
Andrew Brown (Finance, Co-editor Proceedings & Program)
Edward Gifford (Co-editor Proceedings & Program)
Malcolm Gillies (Sponsorship)
Sue Hatch (Liaison - Commissioned Work & Young Composers, Accommodation, Hospitality & Transport)
Judy Johnson (Venues)
Val Layne (Publicity)
Bevan Messanger (Instrumental Programs, Pre-Conference Workshops)
Bruce May (Concerts)
Marj Milliken (Liaison - Young Composers, Pre-Conference Workshops, Publicity)
Adrian Thomas (Co-editor Program & Proceedings)
Gary McPherson (Young Composers' Project, Composer-in-Residence & Keynote Speakers)
Kathy Roulston (Printed Programs & Venues)
Christine Davis (Immediate Past Chapter Chair)
Kathryn Russell (Chapter Chair)
Helen Stowasser Stephen Leek
Man to Tree
Queensland Symphony
Orchestra (Tuesday 8 July 1997)

DAT Tape of Concert – ABC
Copies to Chapters
Michael Patterson, Loki (Orchestra) [Australian Capital Territory]
Susan Lammi,
Intrada (Brass and Percussion) [New South Wales]
Andrew Helberg,
Symphony No 1 in E minor (Orchestra) [Northern Territory]
Simon Cobcraft,
Viola Concerto in D Minor (Orchestra and Viola) [Queensland]
Matthew Anderson,
Seagulls (Orchestra) [South Australia]
Myles Mumford,
Nocturne and Dance (Orchestra) [Tasmania]
Gareth Edwards,
Forest Morning (Orchestra) [Victoria]
Jemma Golding,
Period Four, Monday (Orchestra) [Western Australia]
Organisers Australia
1999/XII Sydney, NSW 9 - 13 July 1999 University of Sydney Opening the Umbrella:
an encompassing view of
music education
Neryl Jeanneret
Margaret McMurty
Carol-ann Bentley
Robin Dorn
Peter Dunbar-Hall
Pamela Herring (Performances)
Lynn Lollback
Jay McPherson
Gary McPherson
Kathy Marsh (Papers & Proceedings)
Julie Montague
Frank Murphy
Anne Power
Kathryn Wemyess
Gary White
Anne Wisdom (Website)
Mary Kalantzis Matthew Hindson
Sydney Chamber Choir
(Sunday 11 July 1999)

2MBS FM – CDR of Concert
Copies to Chapters & YCs

Hannah Croke, Eradication (Vocal Ensemble) [New South Wales]
Samuel Donovan,
Agnus Dei (Vocal Ensemble) [New South Wales]
Anne Cawrse,
Anthem for the Fallen (Saxophone Quartet and Wind Ensemble) [South Australia]
Andrea Baker,
Time to Change (Saxophone Quartet) [Tasmania]
Taran Carter,
Maddison (Wind Quartet) [Victoria]
DART Associates
2001/XIII Adelaide, South Australia 6 - 10 July 2001 Adelaide University A Music Odyssey.
A journey of discovery in
music education
Jennifer Rosevear Warren Bourne (Papers & Proceedings)
Virginia Lakeman (Workshops)
Anne Jarvis (Young Composers)
Suzanne Rogers (Sponsorship & Trade)
Leonie Pech (Treasurer)
Karen Holthouse (Publicity)
Cathy Jamieson (Hospitality & Entertainment)
Carolyn Guterres (Operations & Logistics)
Martin Comte Quentin Grant
To be Sung Under Open Sky
Adelaide Symphony
Orchestra (Monday 9 July 2001)

Concert recorded in performance, commissioned work didnot record
Laura Wowk, Evolution 2000 [Australian Capital Territory]
Michael Thrift,
Begun Begone, BOGONG [New South Wales]
Rachel Merton,
Struggles of the Mind [Queensland]
Matthew Toogood,
Bush Fire [South Australia]
Anthony Moles,
Compact Symphony [Tasmania]
Stefan Cassomenos,
Aegean Odyssey [Victoria]
Michael Le Page,
Distractions [Western Australia]
Plevin & Associates
2003/IX Darwin, NT 4 - 8 July 2003 Northern Territory University Over the Top Graham Chadwick Graham Chadwick (Program, Young Composers, Trade Display)
Bob Smith (Papers, Proceedings, Website, Composer-in-Residence & Publicity)
Lesley Duncan (Catering & Logisitics)
Nora Lewis (Concerts)
Clare Martin Peter Sculthorpe
Burke & Wills Suite
Darwin Symphony Orchestra
(Monday 7 July 2003)

recording unknown
Mark Oliverio, Divertimento [New South Wales]
Gene Peterson,
Raindance [Northern Territory]
Timothy Franklin, Peak Hour [Queensland]
Ester Toh,
An Equal Eternity [South Australia]
Johannes Luebbers,
Green Lantern [Victoria]
Kit Buckley,
Ice Nightmare [Western Australia]
Desliens Catalyst Convention
2005/XV Melbourne, Victoria 3 -7 July 2005 The University of Melbourne A Celebration of Voices Ros McMillan
Amanda Watson
Ros McMillan (Keynote Speakers, Composer-in-Residence, Trade Display & Sponsorship)
Amanda Watson (Program, Registration Desk & Logistics)
David Forrest (Publicity, Papers & Proceedings)
Christopher McGillen (Young Composers)
Graham Bartle Lachlan Davidson
A Way Back
WhizBang Orkestra,
Ballarat High School (Wednesday 6 July 2005)

YC works recorded in rehearsal (Whizbang) Concert recorded in performance (Billy Hide). Copies to YCs
Alexander Garsden [New South Wales]
Nathan Cox [Queensland]
Melanie Pierides, Disconnected [South Australia]
Robbie Elliot,
Red, White & Blue [Tasmania]
Dean Gourley,
Another Day [Victoria]
Danni Stefanetti,
Too Caught Up [Western Australia
Emily Murray, Catherine Masters
(Faculty LLAE, The University of Melbourne)
2007/XVI Perth, WA 6 - 10 July 2007 Perth Convention &
Exhibition Centre
Celebrating Musical
Kent Logie Kent Logie (Secretariat, Finance, Program, Papers & Proceedings)
Judith Haldane (Chair, Secretariat, Finance, Concerts)
Andrea Standberg (Program, Papers & Proceedings, Secretariat)
Donna Brookes (Secretariat, Performing Groups, Papers & Proceedings)
Nick Fielding (Secretariat, Finance)
Anita Fuhrmann (Secretariat)
Eleanor Brockman, Bruce Devenish, Holly Leonard,
Kymberley Reeves, Alan Corbet, Bruce Culver, Brian Copping (Concerts & Performing Groups)
Anne Trigg, Jan Carroll, Anna-Maria Agnello (Promotion & Merchandise)
Diane Vrcic, Helen Macpherson (Hospitality)
Mike Hewitt (Trade Exhibition, Event Coordination, Website)
Jackie Ewers, Hamish Jacobson, Bruce Herriman (Interest Groups)
Robert Braham, Iain Grandage, Nicholas Bannan (Young Composers' Project)
John Williamson Iain Grandage
Western Australian
Youth Chorale (Sunday 8 July 2007)

YC works & Commissioned work recorded in rehearsal only, Eileen Joyce Studio UWA
Andrew Howes, Exercise in the Process of Precipitation [New South Wales]
Elizabeth Oldfield,
Bushfire [South Australia]
Daniel Wong,
The Bells [Victoria]
Perry Joyce,
Old Botany Bay [Western Australia]
Mike Hewitt
(Conference Advisors)
2009/XVII Launcestion, Tasmania 10-14 July 2009 Hotel Grand Chancellor Musical Understanding William (Bill) Baker Bill Baker (Grants, Schedule & Program)
Luke Beasley
Carolyn Cross (Communications, Event Co-ordination)
Barry Dudgeon (Sponsorship)
Sarah Elliott (Social Co-ordination)
Angela Howie (Trade Display)
Simon Reade (Composer-in-Residence)
Andrea Scott
Stephen King (Performances, Conductor YC Concert),
Wendy Ross (Finances & Young Composer Convenor)
Margaret Barrett Karlin Greenstreet Love
Even in the city you can still see the stars
The University of Tasmania
Community Music Program
Wind Orchestra (Sunday 12 July 2009)

Concert recorded in performance, Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston
Nathan Lam, Fanfare [Queensland]
Ryan Mifsud,
Aweigh: Santy Ano [South Australia]
Tobais Brodel,
LS Lives in Gaza [Tasmania]
Gene Holland,
Rage of the Spirits [Victoria]
Penny Archer
(Conference Design)
2011/XVIII Broadbeach, Qld 2-5 July 2011 Gold Coast Convention and
Exhibition Centre
Making Sound Waves:
Diversity, Unity, Equity
Janette Kelly
Andrew Reid
Leanne Laboo
Nicole Lane
Elizabeth Mackinlay (Papers)
Elizabeth Pratt
Tim Stoll (Young Composers' Project)
Shane Tooley
John Curro Paul Antoni-Bonetti
Fortitude Street
The Gold Coast Philharmonic
Orchestra (Sunday 3 July 2011)

Concert recorded in performance, GCC&EC
Edward Hampton, Epico [New South Wales]
Nicholas Rossi,
A Hero's Tale [Queensland]
Nathan Cummins,
Allegro Animato [South Australia]
Thieron Booth,
Morning Introspection [Tasmania]
Elana de Gleria Clark,
All That is Gold [Victoria]
Simon Matthews,
Expostulation [Western Australia]
Kristi Sheldon, Gettel Rosales
& Ingrid Ciotti
(National Curriculum Services)
2013/XIX Canberra, ACT 29 September - 1 October 2013 Hotel Realm, Barton Redefining the musical landscape: Inspired
learning and innovation in music education
Mathew Irving
Bradley Merrick
Heidi Anthony
Mathew Irving (Sponsorship,Schedule & Program)
Bradley Merrick (Papers)
Heidi Anthony (Young Composers' Project)
Robyn Archer AO Michael Sollis
Canberra Youth Orchestra
Radford College Choir (Tuesday 1 October 2013)

Concert recorded in performance, Realm Hotel Canberra
Raghav Sharma-Burton, [Australian Capital Territory]
Andrew Hartley, Roi Fripp [New South Wales] Jazz Quartet
Shaun Ji-Thompson,
Morning Calm - Joseon Picturesque, mvt 1 Hanyang's Snow [Queensland]
Josh Belperio,
The Book Thief [South Australia]
Hayden Dun,
The Midnight Circus [Victoria]
Mitchell Price-Norgaard,
Sonata No. 1 in B flat Major [Western Australia] Piano Solo
Bromley Educational Design