Young Composers Award

The Young Composers’ Award is an annual competition for composers established by the South Australian chapter of the Australian Society of Music Education in 1973. The Award aims to encourage and develop musical composition by both children and young adults and provides an effective platform for the performance of their works. Another important function of the Award is to produce a body of new music designed specifically for use in schools and colleges.

2017 Young Composers’ Award Concert to be held at 7pm on Monday 27th November, 2017, at St Mary’s College, 253 Franklin Street, Adelaide. 

Entry form here.

Entries close Friday 29th September 2017.

Enquiries:  Please direct any enquiries to Ben Fuller on 0450 099 326 or by email to

New in 2017 – Young Composers Camp see article about this year’s non-residential Composing camp held at Scotch College in July.

Composing Camp Registration Form – here

Composing Camp poster – here

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The competition operates in two main categories: SCHOOL CATEGORY and ADVANCED CATEGORY

SCHOOL CATEGORY for composers 18 years and under on January 1, 2017.

  • Section A: Composers in school Year R-7
  • Section B: Sequenced/Rock/Pop Year R-7
  • Section C: Composers in school Years 8-9
  • Section D: Composers in school Years 10-11
  • Section E: Composers in school Year 12
  • Section F: Rock and Popular Music with lyrics Year 8 – 12 or up to age 18
  • Section G: Sequenced, Rock/Pop Instrumental Year 8 – 12 or up to age 18
  • Section H: Arrangers in school Years 8-10
  • Section I: Arrangers in school Years 11-12

ADVANCED CATEGORY for composers 25 years and under on January 1, 2017.

  • Section J: Music for Schools Solo Instrument or Voice (accompaniment optional)
  • Section K: Music for Schools Instrumental Ensemble or Choir

Note: Music for Sections J or K can be written for any age range up to and including Year 12. Please indicate a suitable age on the score.

  • Section L: Schools Solo Instrument or Voice (accompaniment optional)
  • Section M: Ensemble or Choir
  • Section N: Electronic Music

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