ASME Australian Capital Territory


The ACT Music Educators Network (“ACTMEN”)is a non-politically aligned collective of Individual Persons, Music Organisations and Industry Partners who are jointly concerned for Music Education in the ACT. They represent school teachers, instrumental teachers, conductors, directors, event promoters, institutional educators, musicians, schools, educational institutions, community music organisations, music businesses and music retailers.

ACTMEN believes outcomes for Music Education in the ACT should be of the highest priority when reflecting on a holistic and liberal education for our students. It recognises the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, artistic and creative benefits of Music when active participation is fostered and a quality curriculum is promoted. This is best achieved by facilitating professional conversation, collaboration and professional training of Music Educators and associated stakeholders.


“To instill a deep love of Music in our community through advocacy of Music Education, facilitating music-making opportunities, fostering professional training of music teachers and networking all stakeholders associated with Music Education in the ACT”


  • To encourage networking of Music Educators through professional conversation
  • To promote the specialisation of music education organisations in the ACT
  • To facilitate the ongoing professional training and development of Music Educators in the ACT
  • To provide a voice for Music Education in the ACT through advocacy
  • To promote best practice, a quality curriculum and music-making in the ACT


ACTMEN was unofficially formed in 2005 as an informal forum for Music Educators to participate in professional conversation. Driven by Mr John Frohlich of the Canberra Institute of Technology, Mr Mathew Irving of Radford College and Mrs Debbie Masling of Lyneham High School, ACTMEN has developed into an educational body that advises and promotes music education programs, education policy and professional development of Music Educators in the ACT.