ACT Honours Band

The ACT Honours Band will have its inaugural year in 2020. Students in year 9 – 12 in the ACT are invited to audition for the Honours Band. The Honours Band will be conducted by Dr Peter Boonshaft from Hofstra University (USA). Dr Boonshaft is one of the most exciting and exhilarating voices in music education today. He is an icon in the wind band world and exceptional conductor.

There will be a small audition fee of $10 which can be waved by ACTMEN in case families are facing financial hardship. There will be an associated cost to selected students of approximately $100; this will be supplemented by money from the ACT Music Educators Network and sponsors.

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2020 Audition Requirements

Important Dates

Term 1 2020
Week 5 — Auditions.
Week 6 — Results Released
Week 7 — Music Released

Term 2 Week 2
Friday 8 May — Rehearsal during school day.
Friday 8 May — ACT Music Educator Network All Member Dinner with Dr Peter Boonshaft
Saturday 9 May — TQI Accredited Presentation with Dr Boonshaft in the morning. Rehearsal with students in the afternoon/evening.
Sunday 10 May — Dress Rehearsal and concert at Llewelyn Hall.

For more information please e-mail the ACT Honours Band Coordinator, Kevin Knapp at