Advocacy and Policy

ASME has published a booklet presenting the “Principles, Policy and Guidelines for Music Education” advocated by the Society.

This publication provides the music educator with essential information concerning:

  • Principles of Music Education
  • The Contribution of Music Education
  • Learning In and Through Music
  • Research Findings
  • Music in Your School (including curriculum content, curriculum provision, teacher expertise, the requirements for a music program, resources checklist and curriculum checklist)
  • Promoting the School Music Program
  • Music Educators are Professional
  • Useful Website Addresses

This publication may be obtained through Informit –

Music Education Web Portal (The University of Melbourne)

On 16 July 2010 a new music education web portal was launched by Melbourne University Graduate School of Education (Music Education) in conjunction with ASME Victoria.

The idea from the outset was to create a portal of the very best quality sites and resources available for the web, for all music educators and to be inclusive of a wide and diverse range of interests, activities, styles and cultures.

From lesson plans and resources for school music teachers, amateur music and community music sites, ICT, multimedia and film, interative music media (experimental and contemporary), online instrumental tutition materials and so on. It was recognised that this initiative was consistent with a recommendation of the Australian National Review of School Music Education.

Andrew Swainston –

Music. Play for Life.

The Music Council of Australia (MCA) in conjunction with ASME and the Australian Music Association are partners in the National music participation campaign Music. Play for Life.

The main objective is to encourage all Australians to make music, sing, play an instrument. The two spheres of action are to instigate advocacy for music education in schools and to develop more opportunities for music making in communities. More information is on the Music. Play for Life website –

ASME is a member of the National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE). Other members:

Music Audit and Statement