ASME National Conferences


(All previous ASME conferences are listed below)

I           Brisbane 1969 Music in General Education

II          Adelaide 1971 New Perspectives in Music Education

III        Canberra 1977 Music Education in the Community

IV        Melbourne 1981 Growing with Music

V         Sydney 1984 The Future of Music Education in Australia

VI        Adelaide 1986 Australia Makes Music: Action for a Changing Society

VII       Alice Springs 1990 Let’s Get to the Heart of the Nation

VIII      Melbourne 1991 Reaching In – Reaching Out

IX        Perth 1993 Music on the Edge – Desert to Surf

X         Hobart 1995 Honing the Craft: Improving the Quality of Music Education

XI        Brisbane 1997 New Sounds for a New Century

XII       Sydney 1999 Open the Umbrella: An Encompassing View of Education

XIII      Adelaide 2001 A Musical Odyssey: A Journey of Discovery in Music Education

XIV      Darwin 2003 Over the Top

XV       Melbourne 2005 A Celebration of Voices

XVI      Perth 2007 Celebrating Musical Communities

XVII    Launceston 2009 Musical Understanding

XVIII   Gold Coast 2011 Making Sound Waves

XIX      Canberra 2013 Redefining the Musical Landscape: Inspired Learning and Innovation in Music Education

XX       Adelaide 2015 Music: Educating for Life

XXI     Melbourne 2017 Uniting Voices

XXII    Perth 2019 Footprints – Creating Pathways to the Future

XXIII  Hobart 2021 Online – Music: Nourish Life

XXIV Sydney 2023 Music Unleashed