Lady Callaway Award

Following a bequest from Lady Callaway’s estate, a small monetary award is made at the ASME National Conference to a recipient resident in that State or Territory. National Executive determined that the local ASME chapter council is to seek nominations for the Lady Callaway Award, and to decide on the winner of the award. The first award was made in 2009.

ASME National Executive determined that the award winner should be an early-career music educator who has supported the cause of music education, particularly through the provision of piano accompaniment for educational purposes, as this was an area of particular interest to Lady Callaway.

2009 Michael Curtain (accompanist) – Launceston
2011 Stewart Kelly (accompanist) – Queensland
2013 James Huntingford (accompanist) – Canberra
2015 Matthew Binion (accompanist) – Adelaide
2017 John Young (accompanist) – Melbourne
2019 Adrian Soares (accompanist) – Perth
2021 Madeleine Dyer (accompanist, conductor, singer) – Hobart