Music Educating for Life Awards

ASME National Executive presented the inaugural ASME Music Educating for Life Awards during the ASME XIX National Conference held in Canberra in 2013. 

The intention of these Awards is to publicly recognise one award winner from each Chapter at the ASME National Conference. Subject to the resources of individual ASME Chapters, the award winner may receive some support towards attendance at the National Conference. The decision to offer the award is at the discretion of individual ASME Chapters. Any potential award applicants should register their interest with their local Chapter. The deadline for applications is 3 months prior to the next ASME National Conference, and applications should be submitted to the local ASME state chapter Chairperson. These awards are announced publicly during the ASME National Conference.

Application form – here

Recipients of Music Educating for Life Awards: 

Western Australia – Diane Durham
Victoria – Dr Rosalind McMillan

New South Wales – Andrew Mifsud
South Australia – Ben Fuller
Western Australia – Jane Alderson and Jan Ruscoe

New South Wales – Greg Thwaites
South Australia – Janice Purdie
Victoria – Michael Travers
Western Australia – Jane Nicholas

New South Wales – Alex Manton
Queensland – Dr Cade Bonar
South Australia – Sari Noble
Tasmania – Carolyn Cross
Victoria – Roland Yeung
Western Australia – Veronica Akse

Northern Territory – Meleene Primero
Queensland – Belinda Dolan
South Australia – Kate Retelsdorf and Jonathon Rice
Tasmania – Jennifer MacDonald
Victoria – Anne Lierse

One of the outcomes of the National Review of School Music Education (2005) was the establishment of the National Awards for Excellence in School Music Education which were funded by the Australian Government and administered by ASME, and were awarded annually during the period 2007 – 2011 (inclusive).

The funding provided thirteen $5,000 awards each year, and the awards process had some impact on publicly recognising the achievements of outstanding music teachers and school leaders which indirectly had some positive effect on the status of school music education. ASME’s submission for the continuation of the funding was not successful. Nevertheless, ASME continues to nationally recognise outstanding music educators through the ASME Music Educating for Life Awards.