Welcome to the 2019 Committee

The executive would like to welcome new committee members. We now have a 20 person team working to continue to foster Music Education across NSW. Your committee is made up of:

  • Debra Batley: Chair
  • Anne Power: Vice Chair
  • Cara Burrell: Treasurer
  • Andy Mifsud: Secretary
  • Miranda McHattan: Public Officer
  • Graham Sattler: Regional Advocacy Officer
  • Diane Hughes: Research Officer
  • Andrea Calilhanna
  • Thomas Fienberg
  • Tyler Barnes
  • Kirsten Macaulay
  • Jenny Robinson
  • Kate Hargreaves
  • Gerard Plummer
  • Lauren Aldrick
  • John Gill
  • Jenny Carter
  • Iain Hoy
  • Andrea Kubric
  • Stefan Roberts

We also congratulate Deb Batley on her appointment as State Chair and wish her all the best for the coming year.

Deb Batley

Deb Batley: ASME NSW Chair