ASME Membership – One Year

The membership includes:

  • tertiary music academics
  • generalist and specialist teachers at preschool, primary and secondary levels
  • studio (vocal and instrumental) teachers
  • music teachers working in various non-institutional settings
  • community music educators
  • people working in various facets of the music industry which relate to music education and
  • music/music education students.

Membership of ASME includes membership of the national body and of the Chapter of the State or Territory in which the member resides.

Membership Categories

There are two ASME Membership Categories:

Full Member – an individual or an organisation (such as a school, business or other organisation). Note: In the case of an organisation being the member, then only one delegate from the organisation can attend an ASME function at the member’s rate.

  • For those engaged in music education at a professional level. The annual membership subscription for full membership is currently $80.00. No GST is payable.

Concession Member – Full-time student, or retiree.

  • For those who are studying music or music education at a tertiary institution. The annual membership subscription for student members is $35.00. No GST is payable. This membership is also applicable for retired Music Educators.

Address for membership subscriptions:

ASME Membership Administrator
PO Box 7184
West Lakes, SA 5021
Fax: 08 8125 5749

The membership form is available as a downloadable PDF. You can also pay online with Paypal or Direct Transfer below.

Pay ASME Membership Online

To pay your membership now (with PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer) use the option below. There is no need to log in to do this.


The additional Benefits of ASME membership include:-

ASME Group Number for ISME Associate Membership

This means that all ASME members are Associate Members of ISME, as part of the group membership purchased by the National Executive. The group membership number is 33 and this must be quoted when registering for a World Conference or buying publications at a reduced rate. Proof of ASME Membership maybe requested (i.e., your membership number) and this will be checked with ASME Membership records. Members attending a World Conference should take their ASME membership card with them.

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