ASME Membership

Why become an ASME member?

Do you care about MUSIC EDUCATION? Then ASME is for you!

  • You believe in the importance of music education
  • You want to belong to a network of like-minded music educators
  • You want to be part of a national professional association which advocates for music education and represents music educators in a range of educational and political forums
  • You want to further your professional involvement in music education

What are the benefits of becoming an ASME member?

  • Reduced rates when attending ASME professional learning events
  • Regular newsletters and information about music education issues
  • Free copies of the Australian Journal of Music Education
  • Access to support materials for music education advocacy
  • Participation in consultation on matters about music education
  • Networking opportunities at both state and national levels
  • Access to knowledge about recent developments, latest resources and key personnel in music education

Membership of ASME is for any person or organisation supporting the purpose of ASME which is to foster and advance music education at all levels of general education in Australia. ASME members are teachers in schools, studios, community settings and universities, as well as tertiary music/music education students and people working in various facets of the music industry which relate to music education.

Membership of ASME involves both the national body and the Chapter of the State or Territory in which the member resides.

ASME Membership Categories – two Categories:

Full Member – an individual or an organisation (such as a school, business or other organisation). For those engaged in music education at a professional level. The annual membership subscription for full membership is currently $80.00. No GST is payable.

Note: In the case of an organisation being the member, then only one delegate from the organisation can attend an ASME function at the member’s rate.

Concession Member – Full-time student, or retiree.
The annual membership subscription is FREE for tertiary students of music or music education (see coupon code) provided below.
The annual membership subscription for retired Music Educators is $35 per year. No GST is payable.

Pay ASME Membership Using Downloadable PDF

There is a membership form available as a downloadable PDF. You can pay online with Paypal or Direct EFT Transfer to ASME Bank Account: Westpac, BSB: 732 776, Account Number: 07 0042
 (*EFT – indicate your name).

Address for membership subscriptions:

ASME Membership Administrator
PO Box 7184
West Lakes, SA 5021
Fax: 08 8125 5749

Pay ASME Membership Using Website

Our PayPal payment system can automatically debit your membership funds from your PayPal account every year, if you choose. Otherwise you can elect to pay manually every year also.

You will receive two reminder emails before your membership is due for renewal; three weeks and one week prior to the renewal.

For your tax purposes you will always be emailed a receipt after a payment has been successfully processed.

Automatic Membership Payments

If you elect to have your membership funds automatically debited each year, the payment system will renew your membership exactly one year on from when you initially sign up. Every year your payment will be renewed on that same date. Select the ‘Enable Automatic Payments’ option at the checkout to enable this.

You can cancel these automatic payments at any time. To cancel your automatic payment login to your account here and navigate to the ‘My Payment Plan’ tab. Click the ‘view’ button associated with your active payment plan, then click the ‘Cancel’ button.

Manual Membership Payments

If you would like to use our online payment system but pay manually, you will also have the option to do so. You can use either PayPal or Direct Debit, just specify your choice at the checkout. When opting to pay manually you will still receive the payment reminder emails mentioned above.

To pay your membership use the button below.

Please note – Student (full time) memberships are currently free. Please implement the coupon code provided below on the following page to access your free student membership.