Australian Journal of Music Education
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Editor: Professor David Forrest
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The various state and territory chapters of ASME also produce publications. Please check individual chapters – see tabs at the top of the ASME website for details.


ASME has signed a non-exclusive contract with Informit. Informit is the premier source of online Australian scholarly research. The complete ASME publications collection of over 40 years has been digitised and publications are progressively being loaded to the Informit database.

ASME publications can be accessed via this link.

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ASME Update
ISSN: 1320-1484
Editor: Dr Amanda Watson
Email: ASME Update
ASME Update was published twice yearly from 1994-2019.
It contained information about ASME activities such as conferences, reports and a register of events.

E-ISSUE of ASME Update – THE following editions of ASME Update are available for download here as PDFs.

ASME Update 1/2015 Download (1.1mg PDF)

ASME Update 2016 1

ASME Update 2016 2

ASME Update 2017 1 

ASME National Report 2013 (399kb)