CONNECT 2020 will have 3 streams: primary classroom, secondary classroom and instrumental music. Each of the breakout sessions will include at least one session for each stream. You won’t be locked into sticking to one stream, but identifying your areas of interest when you register will help us to plan rooms based on numbers.

Friday 5 June

4:30pm  Registration

5:00pm  Keynote and performance: Katie Noonan

6:00pm  Welcome reception

7:30pm  Finish

Saturday 6 June

9:00am  Keynote

10:15am Morning Tea

11:00am Break out sessions

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm  Break out sessions

3:00pm  Afternoon Tea

3:30pm  Break out sessions

4:15pm  Plenary session

5:00pm Finish

Sunday 7 June

9:00am Break out sessions

10:00am Break out sessions

11:00am Morning Tea

11:30am Keynote: Candace Kruger

1:00pm  Finish