QAAE Advocacy

A Quality Arts Education for Queensland Students

The Queensland Advocates for Arts Education (QAAE) represent the five major professional associations for arts educators in Queensland. QAAE provides access to an extensive network of arts educators and artists and represents the interests, concerns, values and priorities of arts educators.

The strong advocacy of professional associations through state and national  chapters has been a key element in the inclusion of the arts in the Australian Curriculum. From its inception, our national associations and our state members have advised and worked alongside arts and education politicians and the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Our associations have led consultation processes with each art form community in Queensland and our members have been involved at every stage in the development of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts.

The Queensland Advocates for Arts Education welcomes the intent and release of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts and is now focused on ensuring that the curriculum is implemented so that every Queensland child receives a quality arts education in five arts subjects.

The Queensland Advocates for Arts Education Objectives

As Queensland moves towards implementation of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts, we are committed to ensuring that:

  • all Queensland students receive their entitlement to a quality education in five arts subjects as defined in the Shape of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts
  • Queensland teachers are provided with excellent professional development in the arts, especially for primary school teachers who may be teaching in the five arts subjects for the first time
  • quality arts curriculum materials are developed in Queensland to support teachers and students
  • there is the continuation and expansion of the roles of specialist teachers, artists in schools and the commitments of arts organizations to support classroom teachers who are implementing the curriculum
  • resourcing within schools, including the spaces where teaching occurs, is well designed and safe for arts learning.