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Music Studies Exam answers
2019 – here
2020 – here
2021 – here

Vocal intervals resource here by Dr Antony Hubmayer – contains links to score/video/audio examples too.

Level Up With the Australian Curriculum v.9 conference held July 2, 2022 – Powerpoint presentation by guest speaker Robyn Carmody, ACARA Curriculum Specialist, The Arts – slide 9 lists the ‘big ideas’,  slides 11 -18 provide a tour of ACARA website. Link to pdf is here

2022 SACE Space Online Tools and Resources
Video and resources guide by Samara Churchett

Teacher Symposium – Music: The Keys to Language and Reading – video of Anita Collins’ presentation here

ASME SACE Music Handbook (v3 July 2020) – co-ordinated by Antony Hubmayer – here

ASME SACE Conference February 29, 2020 – Presentations and Resources – can be accessed via the links here

Musical Aerobics ASME :  YouTube Channel – provided by Antony Hubmayer – here

Are you looking for a fun way to energize and promote musical understanding using contemporary popular music with upper Primary and Secondary students?  If so, then ASME’s new Musical Aerobics Channel is for you!

Musical Aerobics is intended to be an engaging, accessible, large group activity with lots of singing, actions and laughter. Basically, you sing and do body actions as the chord harmonies change. Suggested actions are provided at the beginning of the movie but feel free to change and adapt them as you require.

Learning Intention: Enthusiastic singing (pitch vocalisation); Movement (physical representation of chord progression applied to diatonic harmony); Pulse recognition (changing movements on the beat); Form and structure (repetition of chord sequences); Musical style and context (energetic pop/rock songs with interesting and varied chord progressions)

Simple chord symbols are provided for context and optional instrumental play-a-long scale degree numbers are simplified to accommodate chromatic chords and temporary modulations.

The Musical Aerobics concept has been developed and extended by Antony Hubmayer and is based upon a workshop presentation by Hadley Ronayne at the Musical Futures Big Gig, Melbourne 2018.

SACE Stage 2 Music Studies Trial Examination Paper 1 – teaching resource – here

This paper is based upon the South Australian Certificate of Education Stage 2 Music Studies 2019 Sample Paper.  These are mock exam questions intended for student examination preparation. This document has been published by The Australian Society for Music Education (SA) Chapter for teaching and training purposes and is offered free-of-charge for students and teachers.  If you are not a financial ASME member, please join so that we can continue to provide such resources.

Indigenous Australian Music in Schools– teaching resource – here (updated March 2019)

Many thanks to Sue Harding, Project Coordinator for her outstanding efforts in initiating and developing this project.  After working on the CEASA funded Indigenous Australian Music in Schools: what is best practice? project for 18 months, ASME SA is pleased to announce that this resource for those teaching Indigenous Australian repertoire or topics in schools is now available for download (see link above). Intended to be used in digital format and updated regularly, this resource, in pdf–format will be readily accessible here on the ASME SA website.

SACE Harmony Marking Scheme – by Peter Gillard

Marking Schemes For Sace Harmony Options Asmesa2


New look SA chapter Newsletter from Term 3, 2018 – see e-Newsletter tab on SA website.

Until the end of 2016, an ASME (SA) Newsletter was printed and a hard copy sent to members every term thanks to previous editor, Briony Nickels.  During 2017, the e-Newsletter listed some information about past and upcoming events, along with various reports, however, presenting the e-Newsletter on the website in this way has proven to be a little unwieldy. So, we will be putting out a Newsletter, to be available to download on the ASME (SA)website at the beginning of each term. Items that come up in the meantime will be listed in the News section of the website.

ASME(SA) acknowledges the outstanding work of Briony Nickels who has been Newsletter editor for the last 5 years (2012-2016). Briony has now stepped down from this role, which in part has lead to reconsideration of the Newsletter process.

View or download a copy of our Term 4, 2016 Newsletter

View or download a copy of our Term 3, 2016 Newsletter

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View or download a copy of our Term 1, 2016 Newsletter

Download a copy of our Term 4, 2015 Newsletter via this Google docs link (file size: 32MB)

Download a copy of our  2015 Term 3 Newsletter 2015

Download a copy of our Term 2, 2015 Newsletter

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