Introducing Rob McWilliams – presenting at the 2018 TASME State Conference

2018 TASME STATE CONFERENCE – Rob McWilliams will be presenting three wonderful sessions:

“Selecting and Preparing Instrumental Ensemble Music for Optimum Musical Outcomes”
This session will explore the issues involved in making appropriate choices for school instrumental ensembles and then how to best prepare to teach and rehearse the chosen music for best results. Resources for repertoire selection and preparation will be shared in this session.

“Advocacy for the Transformative Potential of Music Education”
An exploration into key aspects of how and why music education can be transformational in the lives of students, including possibilities for enhancing advocacy amongst all relevant stakeholders.“Getting started in improvisation” (bring a pitched instrument!)
Practical exploration of a non-threatening and easily accessible approach to instrumental improvisation. Bring your own pitched instrument!

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Rob Music Head Shot