Introducing Antony Hubmayer; presenting at the 2018 TASME State Conference

Antony Hubmayer1


Antony Hubmayer is an Australian music educator with over 25 years of classroom teaching experience. He has worked extensively with teachers and students integrating constructivist influenced approaches into secondary school music curriculums and has presented workshops and papers throughout Australia and internationally.  He is a senior music assessor for the South Australian Certificate of Education, Head of Performing Arts and Director of Music at Scotch College in Adelaide and the National President for the Australian Society For Music Education.



Better Music Experiences, Better Student Learning, Better By Design


This presentation will discuss the research and present teaching examples illustrating how student learning benefits from designed music learning experiences applying the Australian Curriculum The Arts to curriculum and co-curricular experiences.



Workshop 1

Student Choice within Curriculum Design


Workshop 2

Hands On Middle School – Whole Class Djembe and Ukulele


Workshop 3

Experimentation using Music Technologies, creative outcomes that are better by design.


Workshop 4

Senior Secondary Audio and Notation based Composition ideas and examples applying Music Elements within the Australian Curriculum.