Introducing ‘The TSO Education Program: Building the Future’ – presentation at the 2018 TASME State Conference

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is internationally recognised for its  Australian Music Program. Likewise, the  TSO Education Program supports the development of Australian composers from the ground up, providing an extensive range of online classroom resources for teachers of primary classroom music. Jenny Compton will explain the philosophy behind the TSO Education Program and discuss exciting […]

Introducing Rob McWilliams – presenting at the 2018 TASME State Conference

2018 TASME STATE CONFERENCE – Rob McWilliams will be presenting three wonderful sessions: “Selecting and Preparing Instrumental Ensemble Music for Optimum Musical Outcomes” This session will explore the issues involved in making appropriate choices for school instrumental ensembles and then how to best prepare to teach and rehearse the chosen music for best results. Resources […]

National Conference

Click below for information about the ASME National Conference coming up in Melbourne 13-15 July at RMIT.

Music Online Music Units at the University of Tasmania. The University of Tasmania is offering two online courses that have no tuition fees or debt and for those enrolling in the Music Skills B course they will also get free access to Musition and Auralia, online.

Music Skills B is a beginner online music theory and aural unit from the University of Tasmania. Music Skills B assumes a basic knowledge of music-reading and will introduce students to the structures of music theory through notation and listening. Once students have completed this unit they should be able to: • Write and read […]

Walking in the Labyrinth Released

TASME Commission ‘Walking in the Labyrinth’ by Karlin Love performed by the UTCMP Wind Orchestra released. This piece was commissioned from Karlin for the 2017 Australian Bands Championship to be held in Launceston. Please Click Here to listen! (Sound Cloud)

Tasmanian Aboriginal Perspectives through Music

The presentation by Bill Baker and Theresa Sainty from TASME2015 Conference has been added to the Teacher Resources page. Also a copy of the draft transcription of the Songlines of the Moonbird by Dyan and Ronnie Summers has likewise been included there.

ANCA Choral Reading Day

ANCA is holding a choral reading day in Hobart on September 17 Click Here for more details.