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VCE Repertoire – Australian Compositions Post 1990

This list is designed as a time saving and knowledge giving resource for Instrumental music teachers. The graded function helps you find appropriate works that match your students’ abilities. Use this resource in conjunction with Australian publishing sites that may have recordings/PDF’s to further help you.

This is a dynamic list. Works will be added as they come to our attention.

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2023 – 2027 VCE Music Study Design Poster

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ASME VIC Padlets

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Advocacy for Music Education     

Composing: Getting Started

Indigenous Music (contemporary)     

Moving into the Profession – Graduate Teachers Workshop

Professional Music Education Associations      

Setting Routines in the Music Classroom – Graduate and Early Career Teachers’ Workshop

Song Swap – Tuesday 14 June 2022

Song Swap: Brain Breaks – Tuesday 18 Oct 2022

Support for Music Programs Navigating the VGSA Time-in-Lieu Policy

Surviving the End of the Year – Early Career Teacher’s Workshop

Teaching the 2022 VCE Music Study Designs – Early Career Teachers Workshop


Advocacy Posters

These posters outline the benefits of music education and are available to download. They have been developed by ASME National President, Dr. Leon de Bruin.

Poster 1 – we benefit from music education in many ways

Poster 2 – executive production; sound encoding; well-being, identity, belonging; whole brain, whole body; reading development and coding

Poster 3 – benefits to overall development; why music education matters


Significant research in Music education documents

Albert report on music education in Australia 2021


Our head affiliation:

The International Society for Music Education (ISME)

The International Society for Music Education (ISME), founded in 1953, is the premiere world organisation for music education. With members in over 80 countries it is affiliated with UNESCO and the International Music Council. Similar to ASME, the Society believes that every individual has a right to music education.

ASME has close ties with ISME through its status as an ISME National Affiliate (INA) while many ASME members are also members of the world body. One of the great strengths of ISME is its Biennial World Conference, held in a different country every two years.

It has been said that every Australian music educator should attend at least one ISME World Conference in their lifetime!


International Directory of Music and Music Education Institutions

This Directory, compiled and edited by Graham A R Bartle OAM, gives details of higher/tertiary music and music education institutions in 225 countries with material on over 3,100 institutions. Contact information, curriculum details, and significant library and museum collections are provided as well as any unique aspects of the courses and campuses.

The Directory is available on the following website:


Student Composer Project 

See explanation of our new ‘Student Composer Project and link to web page.

SCP for Website (6MG)

Curriculum Link
The current Victorian school curriculum may be viewed at:
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

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