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These posters outlining the benefits of music education have been developed by ASME National Vice President, Dr Leon de Bruin.

Poster 1 – we benefit from music education in many ways

Poster 2 – executive production; sound encoding; well-being, identity, belonging; whole brain, whole body; reading development and coding

Poster 3 – benefits to overall development; why music education matters

Significant research in Music education documents

Albert report on music education in Australia 2021

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The International Society for Music Education (ISME), founded in 1953, is the premiere world organisation for music education. With members in over 80 countries it is affiliated with UNESCO and the International Music Council. Similar to ASME, the Society believes that every individual has a right to music education.

ASME has close ties with ISME through its status as an ISME National Affiliate (INA) while many ASME members are also members of the world body. One of the great strengths of ISME is its Biennial World Conference, held in a different country every two years, the most recent being Glasgow, Scotland in July 2016. The next will be the 33rd World Conference to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in July this year. Many Australians will attend, present workshops or papers, attend concerts by performers from many countries (usually students from primary to tertiary) and enjoy meeting friends from around the world.

It has been said that every Australian music educator should attend at least one ISME World Conference in their life time!


Dame Evelyn Glennie


International Directory of Music and Music Education Institutions

 This Directory, compiled and edited by Graham A R Bartle OAM, gives details of higher/tertiary music and music education institutions in 225 countries with material on over 3,100 institutions. Contact information, curriculum details, significant library and museum collections are provided as well as any unique aspects of the courses and campuses.

The Directory is available on the following website:


Student Composer Project 

See explanation of our new ‘Student Composer Project and link to web page.

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The Ocarina Book
Mark Wilmott, 2011 (1st edition)
The Art of Ocarina Playing, CD-R, Jeff Wilmott
The Ocarina Book is presented in a practical display folder that allows the user to add plastic sleeves as necessary to include gathered notated tunes and additional playing techniques. The book tells the story of the four-hole ocarina and is a joint production by brothers Mark and Jeff Wilmott. Mark has designed and collated the material for the book and Jeff has played all the tunes on the CD, with introductions to each tune. The book and CD-R provide an excellent introduction for a budding ocarina player.
The Ocarina Book begins with the history of the ocarina (a small clay flute), meaning “little goose” in Italian. Then follows a clear description with diagrams on playing the four-hole ocarina, and playing tips and techniques. Fingering for the eight-note scale with some semitones (using solfège) is shown on a fingering chart. This expands into 25 tunes arranged for ocarina with easy to read notation, illustrated using fingering patterns on the fingering chart. Some tunes include staff notation and the many the well-known songs include words. Step by step text and photos describe how ocarinas are made.
The Art of Ocarina Playing recorded and produced by Jeff Wilmott, is a 20 track CD-R that accompanies the book. Jeff introduces each tune, discusses and demonstrates playing techniques relevant to each one. The ocarina sound is refreshingly pure and clear. The first track explores the basic method for playing an ocarina with commentary and demonstration of individual techniques. On the remaining tracks of the CD-R, Jeff performs a selection of tunes from different countries.
Jeff Wilmott is a musician and potter who has been making, playing and selling ocarinas for many years. He is a participant in the instrument makers exhibition at the Port Fairy Folk Festival each year in March. Jeff has a stall at Melbourne’s Esplanade Market at St Kilda where he has sold his ocarinas since 1987. He also sells them at a regular craft market in Warburton, a town on the banks of the beautiful upper Yarra River, in the mountains east of Melbourne.
Amanda Watson





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