WA Council

ASME (WA) Council Members 2019

 Mandy Name: Mandy Herriman
ASME Committee Role: Chairperson
Teaching context: Class music PP – 6. I also conduct a primary school full orchestra, bands, choirs and chamber groups. I am a Level 3 teacher and am involved in community music making. I teach instrumental music as well.
Music Education Interests: I love to see students strive to achieve their potential and to be given the opportunity to explore their creativity – thus we do a lot of compositional work. I, to some extent pursue a Multi arts approaches such as combining dance, music and art in whole school musical productions.
Fun Fact: I am an ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church.
Jason Boron
 Name: Jason Boron
ASME Committee Role: Vice Chairperson
Teaching Context: Lecturer in Music Education, Edith Cowan University
Music Education Interests: School Music Education (K-12), Early Childhood Music Education, Choral Music Education, Instrumental Music Education, Music Education Philosophy, Pre-service Teacher Education, Australian Music Education.
Fun Fact: I lived and studied overseas in Hungary for two years.
 Name: Selena Clohessy
ASME Committee Role: Secretary
Teaching context: Swan View SHS, Classroom music Years 7-12.
Music Education Interests: Accessibility of music education and Advocacy for value of music education.
Fun Fact: Cat person!
Jane Nicholas
 Name: Jane Nicholas
ASME Committee Role: Treasurer
Teaching context: Willandra Primary School, Music Specialist Teacher, K-6.
Music Education Interests: Music and Creativity; Inclusivity and Music; Orff Schulwerk approach; and Ukulele.
Fun Fact: Loves puppets and the circus.
 Name: Robyn Veitch
ASME Committee Role: Immediate Past Chairperson
Teaching context: Music specialist – two public primary schools.
Music Education Interests: Choral, ICT, and Curriculum support.
Fun Fact: I love live concerts – any sort. I’ve seen Sting 6 times.
 Name: Sonya Elek
ASME Committee Role: Publications – OPUS
Teaching context: Music specialist, St Stephen’s Primary School, Duncraig (Years 5 & 6)
Music Education Interests: I strongly believe in the importance of making all learning engaging and fun. I use techniques/resources from the Kodaly and Orff approaches.
Fun Fact: My family and I have been renovating our home for the past two years. NOT RECOMMENDED!
Jessica Khoo
Name: Jessica Khoo
ASME Committee Role: Publications – Digital
Teaching context:
Year 7-12 Classroom Music Teacher, Instrumental Music Tutor
Music Education Interests: Developing a positive music culture in schools and inspiring students to have a lifelong love for music
Fun Fact: I love travelling and trying out new cuisines!
 Anna Maria  Name: Anna-Maria Agnello
ASME Committee Role: Council Member
Teaching context: Primary Music at the moment but I am trained for primary and secondary.
Music Education Interests: Music education for ALL, no matter what the context! I love working with and writing arrangements for large ensembles making marvellous music together.
Fun Fact: I love travelling, especially with my family and friends. I loved Salzburg and Vienna – great Music scenes!
Paul Mccarthy Headshot Name: Paul McCarthy
ASME Committee Role: Council Member
Teaching context: Dean of Co-Curricular, Penrhos College
Music Education Interests: I am keen to progress the representation and interests of Secondary School Music teachers, in what seems like constantly changing times!
Fun Fact: I am a long suffering St Kilda member who has been to every losing grand final in my lifetime….not necessarily a fun fact, but a fact nonetheless!
 Mgp Uwa Foe Sept 2014 21 Elisabeth Name: Elisabeth Chapman
ASME Committee Role:
Council Member
Teaching Context: Primary classroom, private piano instrumental tutor
Music Education Interests: Making music relevant in my school context: ICT, composition & Indigenous connections. And, piano pedagogy!
Fun Fact: Remote teaching is my passion!
 Lachlin Photo Name: Lachlin Brooks-Crew
ASME Committee Role: 
Council Member
Teaching Context:
Music Education Interests:
Fun Fact:
 Sandy Photo Name: Sandy Marwick
ASME Committee Role:
 Council Member
Teaching Context:
Music Education Interests:
Fun Fact:
 Rhianna Photo Name: Rhianna Reynolds
ASME Committee Role: 
Council Member
Teaching Context:
Music Education Interests:
Fun Fact: