WA Council

ASME (WA) Council Members 2019

 Mandy Name: Mandy Herriman
ASME Committee Role: Chairperson
Teaching context: Class music PP – 6. I also conduct a primary school full orchestra, bands, choirs and chamber groups. I am a Level 3 teacher and am involved in community music making. I teach instrumental music as well.
Music Education Interests: I love to see students strive to achieve their potential and to be given the opportunity to explore their creativity – thus we do a lot of compositional work. I, to some extent pursue a Multi arts approaches such as combining dance, music and art in whole school musical productions.
Fun Fact: I am an ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church.
Jason Boron
 Name: Jason Boron
ASME Committee Role: Vice Chairperson
Teaching Context: Lecturer in Music Education, Edith Cowan University
Music Education Interests: School Music Education (K-12), Early Childhood Music Education, Choral Music Education, Instrumental Music Education, Music Education Philosophy, Pre-service Teacher Education, Australian Music Education.
Fun Fact: I lived and studied overseas in Hungary for two years.
 Name: Selena Clohessy
ASME Committee Role: Secretary
Teaching context: Swan View SHS, Classroom music Years 7-12.
Music Education Interests: Accessibility of music education and Advocacy for value of music education.
Fun Fact: Cat person!
Jane Nicholas
 Name: Jane Nicholas
ASME Committee Role: Treasurer
Teaching context: Willandra Primary School, Music Specialist Teacher, K-6.
Music Education Interests: Music and Creativity; Inclusivity and Music; Orff Schulwerk approach; and Ukulele.
Fun Fact: Loves puppets and the circus.
 Name: Robyn Veitch
ASME Committee Role: Immediate Past Chairperson
Teaching context: Music specialist – two public primary schools.
Music Education Interests: Choral, ICT, and Curriculum support.
Fun Fact: I love live concerts – any sort. I’ve seen Sting 6 times.
 Name: Sonya Elek
ASME Committee Role: Publications – OPUS
Teaching context: Music specialist, St Stephen’s Primary School, Duncraig (Years 5 & 6)
Music Education Interests: I strongly believe in the importance of making all learning engaging and fun. I use techniques/resources from the Kodaly and Orff approaches.
Fun Fact: My family and I have been renovating our home for the past two years. NOT RECOMMENDED!
Jessica Khoo
Name: Jessica Khoo
ASME Committee Role: Publications – Digital
Teaching context:
Year 7-12 Classroom Music Teacher, Instrumental Music Tutor
Music Education Interests: Developing a positive music culture in schools and inspiring students to have a lifelong love for music
Fun Fact: I love travelling and trying out new cuisines!
 Anna Maria  Name: Anna-Maria Agnello
ASME Committee Role: Council Member
Teaching context: Primary Music at the moment but I am trained for primary and secondary.
Music Education Interests: Music education for ALL, no matter what the context! I love working with and writing arrangements for large ensembles making marvellous music together.
Fun Fact: I love travelling, especially with my family and friends. I loved Salzburg and Vienna – great Music scenes!
Paul Mccarthy Headshot Name: Paul McCarthy
ASME Committee Role: Council Member
Teaching context: Dean of Co-Curricular, Penrhos College
Music Education Interests: I am keen to progress the representation and interests of Secondary School Music teachers, in what seems like constantly changing times!
Fun Fact: I am a long suffering St Kilda member who has been to every losing grand final in my lifetime….not necessarily a fun fact, but a fact nonetheless!
 Mgp Uwa Foe Sept 2014 21 Elisabeth Name: Elisabeth Chapman
ASME Committee Role:
Council Member
Teaching Context: Primary classroom, private piano instrumental tutor
Music Education Interests: Making music relevant in my school context: ICT, composition & Indigenous connections. And, piano pedagogy!
Fun Fact: Remote teaching is my passion!
 Lachlin Photo
Name: Lachlin Brooks-Crew
ASME Committee Role: Council Member
Teaching Context: Secondary, Jazz
Music Education Interests: Bands, Jazz, Kodaly
Fun Fact: Loves languages
 Sandy Photo Name: Sandy Marwick
ASME Committee Role:
 Council Member
Teaching Context: T
wo Primary Schools as a Classroom Music Teacher (Banksia Park Primary and Eddystone Primary)
Music Education Interests: 
I have my AKC. I love Kodaly and find it works well with the students to build their skills. 
Fun Fact: 
A fun fact about me is that I co-host a radio show with my husband called Western Oz. It is on 89.7FM and is a show promoting local bands.
 Rhianna Photo Name: Rhianna Reynolds
ASME Committee Role: Country Rep
Teaching Context: Primary Music in a K-12 College
Music Education Interests: Everything! I like to learn!
Fun Fact: My Mum named me ‘Rhianna’ because she loved the song ‘Rhiannon’ by Fleetwood Mac (but my Aunty told her I’d never be able to go to Wales, as it means ‘witch’ in Welsh and they’d laugh at me!)