Music Education Calendar

ASME WA is proud to support music education in WA. For more information on specific events please contact the relevant organisation directly.

*All 2020 dates subject to change/confirmation.

January 20-12 ASME WA PL: Summer School 2020 – Take Wings and Fly
February 15-16 Perth Festival Concert: Australian String Quartet
February 15-16 FCO Concert: FCO 15th Anniversary
February 21-23 ABODA PL: Conducting Workshops
February 22 Kodaly WA  Teachers Forum: Kodaly Connect (Regional)
February 23 Perth Festival Concert: Sound of Picture Books
February 29 ASME WA PL: Hit the Ground Running
March 6-7 WASO Concert: Australian String Quartet
March 7, May 23 One Big Voice PL: One Big Voice Workshop
March 7-8 ACMP Community Event: Play-In Weekend
March 11 WASO PL: Unlocking Musical Potential
March 13 MCF PL: MCF Workshop
March 13-14 WASO Concert: Classics
March 20 MusicEdNet PL: DaYTiME Conference
March 20-21 WASO Concert: Masters
March 21 WAOSA, Kodaly WA, Dalcroze, ANCA PL: One Voice
April 1 ACO Concert: Arvo Part and Shostakovich
April 6 Musica Viva Concert: Goldner String Quartet
April 14-18 Kodaly WA PL: AKC Block 1
April 18-19 ANCA Community Event: Singing in the City
May 2, 9, 16 ANCA PL: Master the Basics – Choral Course
May 8 ASME WA PL: Choral Day (Deferred to 2021)
May 8 ASQ Concert: Dvorak with Konstantin Shamray
May 13 ACO Concert: Music to Heal
May 23-24 AUSTA PL: Barry Green
May 27 WAOSA Teachers Forum: Network Meeting
June 2 Musica Viva Concert: Cho-Liang
June 6, 13 ANCA PL: Advanced Choral Conducting 
June 8-12 Albany Eisteddfod Festival: Albany Eisteddfod
June 14 AUSTA Festival: AUSTA WA Festival
June 15-18 Sing Festival Festival: Sing Festival
June 20 ANCA PL: Ronel Laidlow Parks African Music
June 21 ANCA PL: Baroque Conducting
June 26-27 ANCA PL: ANCA in Bunbury
July 4 WASO Concert: Masters
July 6-10 WAOSA PL: WAOSA Levels Course
July 6-10 Kodaly WA PL: AKC Block 2
July 24, 26 WASO Concert: Last Night of Proms
July 25 ASME WA Teachers Forum: Associations and Stakeholders Summit
July 30-August 13 WAGSMS Festival: WAGSMS Festival
August 5 ACO Concert: ACO
August 7-9 ABODA Festival: Senior Festival
August 16 IMSS Festival: IMSS Festival
August 18 Musica Viva Concert: Goldmund Quartet
August 21 ASME WA PL: MCUI and IT Free PD
August 21-22 WASO Concert: Masters
August 22-23 IMSS Festival: Guitar Festival
September 2  ACO Concert: Baroque Brilliance
September 11-13 ABODA Festival: Junior Festival
September 14-25 MCF Festival: Massed Choir Festival
September 26-27 AUSTA PL: Robin Wilson
September 28-October 1 Kodaly Australia PL: Kodaly Australian Conference in Canberra
October 1-4 ANBOC PL: ANBOC Conference
October 5 Musica Viva Concert: Eggner Trio
October 9-10 WASO Concert: Masters
October 23 ASME WA PL: Regional PD
October 28 ASQ Concert: Australian String Quartet
November 4 WAOSA Teachers Forum: Network Meeting
November 7 Kodaly Australia PL: Spring into Kodaly
November 11 ACO Concert: Vaughn-Williams
November 13-14 WASO Concert: Classics
December 11 ACO Concert: ACO Collective
January 14-15, 2021 ASME WA PL: Young Composers Project Workshops
January 18-19, 2021 ASME WA PL: ASME WA Summer School 2021

Don’t see your event listed here? Feel free to contact us at wa[at] for possible inclusion.