2016 – 2018 Music ATAR Designated Works Analyses Book TEACHER EDITION

Books will not be delivered until full payment is received. Postage is $12. Please email wa[at]asme.edu.au if you are only purchasing one (1) teacher book (and no student books) in order to receive discounted postage.

ASME Summer School 2016 will see the official launch of the new 2016 – 2018 ASME Music ATAR Designated Works Analyses Book, and each of the three commissioned writers will each present a 60 minute lecture on their specific analysis, which will be of huge benefit to all class music teachers teaching ATAR Music units from 2016 and beyond. For more information on Summer School click here.

The teacher edition of the book contains analyses of each of the designated set works in the three contexts of Contemporary, Jazz, and Western Art Music. As a bonus, there will also be analyses of two of the optional works in the Western Art Music section plus a work sheet in the Contemporary section.

Teachers/schools may purchase student booklets, which contain a single context, as long as at least one copy of the complete book has been purchased.

ASME WA has commissioned this book as a service to its members.

Please note: the books are subject to copyright and are not to be copied. Orders of a single student book will not be permitted without prior arrangement.

List of analyses included:
Western Art Music
Haydn, F.J.                 Symphony No. 104 in D Major (London symphony) 1st and 3rd movements
Berlioz, H.                  Symphonie Fantastique 4th and 5th movements
Bach, J.S.                    Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major, BWV 1050 all movements
Ravel, M.                    Piano concerto in G Major all movements

Ellington, Duke                    Take the A-Train
Jones, Quincy                       Fly Me to the Moon
Basie, Count                         One O’ Clock Jump
Jones, Thad                          Three and One/Us
Parker, Charlie                     Confirmation
Monk, Thelonious               Epistrophy
Parker, Charlie/
Gillespie, Dizzy                     Anthropology (Omnibook)
Fitzgerald, Ella                     How High the Moon

Contemporary Music
Presley, Elvis                        Hound Dog
The Animals                         Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood
ACDC                                    Highway to Hell
Nirvana                                 Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Beatles                           A Day in the Life
Jackson, Michael                 Billie Jean
Duran Duran                        Hungry Like a Wolf
Lady Gaga                            Applause