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Indigenous Australian Music

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Embedding Indigenous Cultures in Music Education

Narragunnawali Reconciliation Resource Guide – Music

Teaching Indigenous Culture

Yes we can, Yes we should, Here’s how……

Using Indigenous Australian music in our classrooms is something most Australian teachers want to do.  However, it is not happening.  What are the obstacles and how can we overcome them?

There is much fear about causing offence and about getting into trouble with misuse.  These issues are preventing music educators from immersing and teaching our students about an important part of our society.  We need to educate ourselves about how to move forward to make change. It is not hard but through respect and acknowledgement, we can do this.

This page was created with the intention of better resourcing WA music teachers to implement an Indigenous perspective in the classroom throughout all of their teaching, and not just a specific unit on Indigenous music. We have collated links to catalogues, suppliers/resources, musicians, general information, and incursion opportunities; as well as created some handy song lists and lessons plans to inspire and help us grow as professionals. Of course, making connections and creating a dialogue with the locals in your community should be your first point of call.

In most cases, we have tried to keep the music examples and artists Western Australian, but for some things such as choral repertoire, we have included any Indigenous song from Australia, as there are so few.

For more information on selecting appropriate resources to use, click here and scroll down to “Teaching with Aboriginal Resources.”

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