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Instruments and Resources for the Classroom

Resources for Purchase:

Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre:
Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre is based in Alice Springs and have information on the Dreamtime, Aboriginal history, languages, religion, hunting and gathering, art and music. The music section contains written information about instruments and cultural practices, as well as digital audio files, CDs and e-books available for download and purchase.

Aunty Wendy’s Mob: Growin’ Up Strong – Teacher Resource Book:
This resource book by ‘Aunty Wendy’s Mob’ features songs and a range of structured classroom activities with an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspective, mainly for early childhood and lower primary students of any culture.

Batchelor Press:
Batchelor Press is a publishing arm of Batchelor Institute of Tertiary Education in the Northern Territory. Community elders, teaching staff and students have developed these resources aimed at Indigenous Australians living in remote communities.

Gina Williams – Wanjoo Book
Gina Williams is a singer-song writer and has just won the Western Australian Aboriginal Award for 2017. Gina wrote her welcome song, Wanjoo, in Noongar and has released an accompanying book that is illustrated by Ashfield Primary School.

Madjitil Moorna:
First song book: Aboriginal Songs for Middle and Upper Primary School Students
Madjitil Moorna is a choir comprising both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members with the intention of bringing language and culture together. The group are available for incursions and have produced a songbook and CD resource for primary schools, including a backing track to Wanjoo, written by Gina Williams.

Madjitil Moorna – Second song book and Hall’s Creek Rodeo:
This choir has been busy making resources in Noongar for music teachers. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander songbook is available now and contains 20 Songs from around Australia, including with 12 Noongar songs. Check out Kobi Morrison’s song Djitty Djitty about the Willy Wagtail. Find the “Store and Downloads” page.

Network Educational Australia:
This website has a catalogue dedicated specifically to Indigenous resources. Click on Catalogues at the top of the homepage and find the Indigenous catalogue.

True Blue Australia – located in the Fremantle markets:
True Blue Australia produces Australian souvenirs, Indigenous art and craft, educational resources and musical instruments; including ukuleles, djembes, digeridoos and bullroarers. Educational resources include a Noongar story books, Noongar word list, and a language package containing posters in Noongar of colour, body parts, and constellations.