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General Information

Australian Indigenous ceremony – song, music and dance:
This website contains written information about Indigenous music; including fusion styles, songs types, instruments, artists and ceremonies. Many of these pages include links at bottom for further research.

Didgeridoo information:
Ididj are located in Melbourne and sell digeridoos and clapsticks. Their website contains written information on the digeridoo: cultural practices, history and designs.

This website contains a list and links to Indigenous musicians from around Australia, as well as guidance about using and selecting Indigenous resources.

Noongar Culture
Kaartdijin Noongar contains extensive information on Noongar culture, protocols, history, oral stories, legislation, art and photos that include traditional dancing. There is an education section with teaching ideas and Noongar links to specific subject areas, which are linked to the Australian curriculum – watch this space for music!

Noongar Language Centre (Bunbury):
Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation exists to preserve Noongar language. There are educational resources on the site such as lesson plans, classroom resources, books in Noongar illustrated by Didgi Didgi school and posters.

Producing Indigenous Music – Protocols

Reconciliation Action Plans and Resources for Schools

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company:
Yirra Yaakin is a professional Aboriginal-lead theatre company that provides opportunities to aspiring Aboriginal creative artists. Projects include performance in the Noongar language, including Shakespeare. The company have educational kits, work experience opportunities and a free workshop program: Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture.