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Bindi Bindi (Butterfly) by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse
This is the latest album by collaborators Gina and Guy, who have now produced two albums that are completely based in Noongar language. We have attached some suggestions in our lesson planning area as to how to use some of these songs in classes, such as Koorlbardi wer Waardong, the Noongar Dreaming tale of how the magpie and crow got their colours.

Kalyakoorl (Forever) by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse
This is Gina and Guy’s first collaboration to create an albums of songs completely in Noongar. “Lyrically emotive and culturally integrated, Kalyakoorl is also well constructed, swinging between thematic elements and melodies with ease. Williams’ voice is incredibly welcoming, language barriers be damned.” Cam Findlay The Music.

Pardon My Passion – Mary G
Mark Bin Bakar is an Indigenous Australian musician, comedian and radio announcer, writer, director/producer as well as an indigenous rights campaigner. He is best known for his radio and television character, the acid-tongued Mary Geddarrdyu or Mary G, who has gained somewhat of a national cult following and has been described as a Dame Edna Everage in thongs. In character Mary G has hosted a radio program and hosted a variety show broadcast nationally on SBS Television.

Serpentsounds by Dwain Phillis
Wendy from Rossmoyne PS has recommended this didgeridoo CD to me and she purchased it in Uluru – Thanks Wendy!

Song for Elijah (Wrap our Arms Around You) – Various Artists
Song for Elijah (Wrap Our Arms Around You) is a message from the Dreaming and is dedicated to Elijah Doughty from Kalgoorlie, WA, whose death ignited protests across the country. His mother has appealed for an end to racial divisions in Australia, and Australian musicians across the country have joined forced in support to create this song.

Sounds of the Pilbara II – WAM
Captures 26 songs in five Indigenous languages.

Strong by Phil Walley Stack
Phil recorded his first album “Strong” in 2012. Phil’s first single, also titled “Strong” was nominated for a West Australian Music Industry Association 2009 Song of the Year Award in the “World and Folk” and “Outstanding Indigenous” categories. Phil was also a top 5 finalist in the 2010 National Musicoz awards for Strong in the “World/Folk” category.

Skinnyfish Music
Skinnyfish Music is a Darwin-based company, which records and promotes the work of Indigenous musicians. The fundamental philosophy behind this business is to empower Indigenous Australians to generate and pursue their own creative and economic activity.

Two Roads by Richard Walley

Wantok Musik
Records and promotes music from Indigenous Australia and Melanesia.