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Noongar Culture – General Protocols

Producing Indigenous Music

Suggested Guidelines of How to Use Indigenous Music in the Classroom

  1. When using Indigenous Australian music, do so respectfully. Where possible, acknowledge the composer, songwriter and performer. Where possible, also acknowledge the mob, language group or area the piece and/or performers are from.
  2. If unsure about the appropriateness of the use, ask. Send an email to the performer or songwriter to ask if it is ok.  I have had almost 100% responses to my requests including Gurrumul, the Yothu Yindi Foundation and Archie Roach, which have all been positive.
  3. Sometimes it can be tricky for Indigenous students to use art forms from language groups other than their own. Ask them if it is ok or ask their parents/carers.

For more information there are these two fabulous resources:

Complexities of Ownership of Indigenous Music
The blurring of traditional and contemporary concepts in Indigenous Australian music. It underlines the need for respect and acknowledgement as well as the issue of ownership.

Indigenous Music and Other Protocols