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Online Resources to Use in Class

Dance – Move It Mob Style:
Move It Mob Style is a dance-based fitness program showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hip hop and popular music, featuring dance moves from communities all around Australia.

Dreamtime stories:
Dust Echoes is a series of twelve beautifully animated dreamtime stories from Central Arnhem Land, telling stories of love, loyalty, duty to country and Aboriginal custom and law. These beautiful audio/visual music tracks can be used to inspire movement, notation, improvisation and composition activities.

Map of First Nation People Groups in Western Australia:
This map charts the First Nation regions in Western Australia and includes an explanation of place names. The Information and Resources page also has information and trails through common Perth sites such as the city, Cockburn Sound and the Swan River.

Map of Languages in Australia:
This map charts the “language, social and Indigenous groups of Australia.”

Marrin Gamu:
Many languages – one song. The Marrin Gamu song was created to introduce Australians to the diversity and beauty of our first languages. Australia is home to hundreds of Indigenous languages. This project will gather versions of Marrin Gamu in beautiful languages from across the country. You can contribute by recording your own version of the song in language.

Perth Suburbs with Indigenous names:
A list of Perth suburbs with Aboriginal names and a definition of the name.

Songlines – Explanation:
Songlines are chants or songs created to document Indigenous history and the connection to the land.

Songlines – Examples:
Clips of Indigenous Australians performing songlines from different regions across the country.

Warlu Song – Australian Aboriginal Interactive Storybook for iPad:
This app is a storybook of a spirit man who journeys with a terrifying serpent, ripping up trees with an angry wind, smashing the land with floods and changing the country forever. Continuing the Australian Aboriginal oral tradition, this story is here sung in Yindjibarndi and spoken in English, and also includes a film of the late Ned Cheedy singing Warlu Song at a corroboree with Michael Woodley and a ‘Learn the Song’ feature where the user can tap the lines to hear pronunciation.